Sound performance, Air France Flight Captain, Picasso National Museum

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The lord of light is a performance made at the Picasso National Museum in Paris with Antoine Godier, a captain at Air France. Dressed in his airline pilot's uniform, he broadcasts announcements from the central counter. The messages describe the flight over Malaga, Pablo Picasso's birthplace, highlighting the geographical issues of his childhood, the relief and the panoramic views of the region.


A historical metaphor of the artist's life is played out over the museum's loudspeakers. A second announcement informs the speculative "passengers" of a technical failure on board the imaginary plane in which the public would be embarked. The captain's final statement is one of abdication and inexorable apology. The pilot's error is mixed with fatality, personal failure and sentimental desolation. Countless remorseful thoughts echo throughout the rooms of the Hôtel Salé, the Picasso National Museum.  RY


"I apologise for everyrhing, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry"(...)