President: François Barré


Vice-president : Catherine Strasser


Artistic advisor: Alice Morgaine


Secretary: Marianne Derrien


Artistic Director: Rémy Yadan


Logo : Jacques Damase

To the end of the world

By François Barré, president of the company


Cross-breeding makes beautiful children. Rémy Yadan, a young French artist born of a Jewish Tunisian father and a Breton mother, is a shining example of this. Heir to different cultures and nourished by their confluence, he goes in search of the miracle of a first encounter. To be accomplished, this unceasingly renewed encounter must unite beings, enchant minds and bodies, and arm a representation,
walk on new paths, experiment.

Rémy Yadan knows how to order the text and the space, the play of bodies in movement and their alliance in a show with multiple resonances by calling on theatricality, the plastic arts, video, choreography, music and the fusion of these writings in a totality. Sometimes alone and other times supported by a group of actors, off stage or on stage in the clever machinery of a "performance", he is both a creator of live shows and a visual artist. To fully exercise this vast mastery, he needs a working framework that is commensurate with his scope and specificities. He therefore needs a theatre company; this is and will be Tamm Coat. We wanted to form this association in the most structured but free way possible and from the beginning we placed its development under the leadership of honorary members representing a range of experience and recognized authority. 

Born in December 2011, Tamm Coat Studio, whose first national and international creations can be seen in the following pages, has a double objective. It affirms the theatrical and choreographic permanence of the dramaturgy, the scenography, the text, the acting, the set and the costumes, the performance as a construction and temporality, while referring to a renewal of the historiography of modern and contemporary theatre, as presented by Giovanni Lista in his reference work "The Modern Stage "1 .
If the desire for experimentation is primary, it does not claim to be a break with the past, but rather a prestigious history marked by considerable creators who, from Futurism to the present day, from Artaud to Romeo Castelluci, have enriched the theatrical experience by inviting visual artists and/or modalities of visual creation to its celebration: John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg, Carmelo Bene and Sylvano Bussoti, Tadeusz Kantor, Jerzy Grotowski, the Living Theatre, La Fura del Baus, Robert Wilson ... the "Physical Theatre" exalting the body, the gesture and the cry; the "Artist's Theatre" born in 1944 with Michel Leiris's private performance of Picasso's play "Desire Caught by the Tail

then Ricardo Mosner, Michelangelo Pistoletto creating the "Zoo" theatre group, Janis Kounellis with Carlo Quartucci, Jean Dubuffet and his "Coucou bazar"... The quality of the actors gathered around Rémy Yadan, the diversity of their profiles and their artistic experiences, offer a real wealth of interpretation. For example, Diane Regneault, trained at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg, is both an actress and an author; Bénédicte Cerutti, who received the same training, has worked with Stéphane Braunschweig, Eric Vigner, Olivier Py, Frédéric Fisbach and Jean-Louis Martinelli; Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas, a pianist and organist, is the co-owner of the Ahrend organ in Lyon Cathedral. He has created several concert-spectacles combining video and dance, as well as "Aveugle Instinct" at the Opéra de Lyon.

It is important to underline the loyalty to Rémy Yadan of most of these performers who, like Jessica Buresi, actress and singer, have always or most often worked with him and have become members of the association.  Tamm Coat is a place of exchange, of common will, of play and invention. The actors, dancers, musicians and visual artists form the very body of the group. It was urgent to structure this theatrical and choreographic work by creating this company after ten good years of directing. I remember the moving evening Catherine Strasser led me to at the Théâtre des Louvrais (Scène Nationale de Pontoise). Thirty actors were performing with fervour and passion a show by Rémy Yadan entitled Take this waltz. What we want today, as he continues to deploy his talents in France, Italy and Argentina, is to be able to give him the logistics, the foundation and the means of a young, enthusiastic, fusional company with a burning desire for movement, challenges and experimentation.

Tamm Coat Studio will go to the ends of the earth.

François Barré

1- Giovanni Lista - La Scène moderne, Encyclopédie mondiale des arts du spectacle dans la seconde moitié du XXème siècle -

Editions Carré and Actes Sud 1997