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With :

Florent Nicoud

Christophe Chêne

Guillaume Clausse
Sébastien Peyrucq
Judith Morand
Sylvie Subra
Djélali Hammouche
Fabrice Hasovic
Rémy Yadan

Jessica Buresi
Diane Regneault
Cyril Texier

Jean-Cristophe Laurier

Camille Forgerit

Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas

Texts : Rémy Yadan

Duration : 60 mn

Movimento parallelo, created in 2011, was presented in the Grand Salon of the Villa Medici. This show, on the precipice of doubt, explores the vigorous authority of musical representation. Desires for disinhibition, reappropriation of know-how, notable virtuosity, diversion of consensual values... 


A whole interpretative matter in the power of the place, testing the beautiful, the just, the smooth, the failure and the bluff. The scenes develop broad musical fibres, in the immediate and the deferred, the disavowed and the assumed, the voluptuous and the upset. R.Y




Music : Claire Diterzi

Flute :  Magic Malik



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