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Juliette Grange
Vivien Simon
Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas
Diane Regneault
Sébastien Peyrucq
​​​​​Jessica Buresi
Sylvie Subra
Cécilia Yadan 
Fabrice Hasovic
Thill Mantero
Djelali Hammouche 
Christophe Chêne
Sandy Michel

Judith Morand

Text : Rémi de Reims
​​​Duration : 30 mn

The faith of their ancestors was certain, but still not free of pagan traditions and popular superstitions. It was necessary to ensure respect for holy places and a Christianisation of time, based on Sunday rest and the liturgical cycle! At baptism, perfumes are scented. Fragrant candles are lit and sparkle. The whole building of the baptistery is impregnated with a divine odour and the Lord fills those present with such graces that they believe themselves to be transported to the perfumes of heaven. It was the king who asked to be baptised by the pontiff.


He went to the pool to be cured of an old leprosy and to erase old disgusting marks with fresh water... When he presented himself for baptism, Remi, the Holy One of God, called out to him in an eloquent voice: "Humbly withdraw your collars, Sicamus! Adore what you have burned and burn what you have adored." And if the slave, protected by the church for his fault, has received from his master, at the request of the clerics, an oath of impunity, and he does not wish to leave, let the master be allowed to seize him...


(Extract of Rémi from Reims)


Music : Sébastien Tellier, Ladytron


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