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With :


Diane Regneault

Jessica Buresi

Fabrice Hasovic

Djélali Hammouche

Sylvie Subra

Geoffroy Rondeau

Sophie Chauvet

Hélène Leroux

Nacho Gonzales Prado

Cécilia Yadan

Nelle Faure

Juliette Grange

Stéphanie Lhorset

Raphaël Brovard


Text : René Girard

Duration : 45 mn


Au risque de s'y plaire is a choreographic and theatrical performance for 14 performers based on the text Mensonges romantiques et vérités romanesques by René Girard.



The indifferent always seems to possess that radiant mastery of which we all seek the secret. He seems to live in a closed circuit, enjoying his being, in a bliss that nothing can disturb.  He is god... Indifference is never simply neutral. It is never pure absence of desire. Indifference does not contradict, it confirms the laws of desire. Metaphysical desire is always contagious. One can catch a neighbouring desire as one would catch the plague or cholera, by simple contact with an infected subject.Vanity and snobbery can obviously only flourish in prepared ground, in the bosom of a prior vanity and snobbery. Any desire in the universe can give birth to competing desires. Flaubert formulates in one of his notes "never two beings love at the same time" (...).


Music : Archive, Sébastien Tellier


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