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With :

Bénédicte Cerutti
Jean Bechetoille
Jessica Buresi
Sylvie Causera
Pierre-François Doireau
Nelle Faure
Fabrice Hasovic
Djélali hammouche
Sébastien Peyrucq
Laurent Ramon
Pascal Ramon
Diane Regneault
Sylvie Subra
Cécilia Yadan
Rémy Yadan

Light : Claire Gondrexon et Rémy Yadan

Texts : Michel Foucault, Walt Whitman

Duration : 60 mn

Rémy Yadan's proposal calls for performance, theatre, dance and installation in a remarkable hybridity of disciplines. Enveloped in the singular atmosphere of a very powerful visual and sound universe, standing as in an exhibition, but facing bodies delivered without restraint as in a dance performance, and with actors who give body to texts, there is in Les Fumeurs Noirs a rare, humble and brilliant syncretism. 


The Black Smokers are geological formations located deep in the oceans, where there is no more light, a kind of volcano from which burning fluids escape, in a way, the excess heat of the Earth. This title, and the images it conveys, is a guiding thread for a global device within which a fragmentary proposal with multiple references develops. If the writings of Michel Foucault and Walt Withman are called upon, it is more of a sensory and emotional experience that treats the texts for the evocative powers of the words rather than to support a constructed philosophical proposition. It is therefore a question of letting oneself go to a possibly cathartic experience. (...)



Music : Lord, Le chant des commandos, Brian Eno, Métronomy, Planningtorock



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From the shadows emerge figures on many podiums that surround us. We never know where in this circle the action will take place, and remain in a climate of watchfulness that makes this experience a real collective adventure.
From the darkness arise multiple foci; we are confronted, as a mass making, in fact, collective, with a set of propositions that arouse emotions and reflections: surveillance, punishment, sacrifice and cruelty as founding notions of societies. Martial patriotism is put on the stage, mixed feelings in these times when values seem to be reconfigured, like a plate tectonics with an uncertain outcome. Then, at times, real moments of dance come to express the inalienable freedom of the bodies, the songs and choreographies colour this troubling experience with joy, lightness but also vanity.


Par Camille Lucile Clerchon