Choreographic creation, Theatre of Vanves, ARTDANTHÉ

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With :


Manuel Vallade

Bénédicte Cerutti

Diane Regneault

Jessica Buresi

Sébastien Peyrucq

Djilali Ammouche

Fabrice Hasovic

Nelle Faure

Cécilia Rychter

Sylvie Subra

Sylvie Causera, 

Jean Bechtoille

Janique Ramin 

Jacky Ramin


Texts : Michel Foucault, Walt Whitman

Duration : 60 mn

"The soldier has become something that can be manufactured; from a shapeless paste, from an unfit body, one has made the machine one needs; one has straightened the postures little by little; slowly a calculated constraint runs through each part of the body, bends the whole, makes it perpetually available, and prolongs itself, in silence, in the automatism of habits; in short, one has chased away the peasant and given him the air of a soldier.


The recruits are accustomed to carrying their heads straight and high; . . to stand up straight without bending their backs, to bring their stomachs forward, to make their chests protrude, and to draw in their backs; and in order that they get into the habit, they will be given this position by leaning against a wall, so that the heels, the fat of the leg, the shoulders and the waist touch it, as well as the backs of the hands, turning the arms outwards, without moving them away from the body ... They will be taught in the same way never to fix their eyes on the ground, but to look boldly at those in front .. Finally, to walk with a firm step, knee and hock extended, pointing low and outwards...." 


Les corps dociles  -  Michel Foucault


Music :  Lord, Le chant des commandos, Brian Eno, Métronomy, Planningtorock


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