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​With : 

Jessica Buresi
Sylvie Causera
Bénédicte Cerutti
Christophe Chêne
Rémi Chevineau
Pierre-François Doireau
Raphaël Dupin 
Nelle Faure
Camille Forgerit
Fabrice Hasovic
Carole Joulin
Sébastien Peyrucq
Diane Regneault
Cécilia Rychter
Sylvie Subra
Cyril Texier

Texts :
Les exploits d’un jeune Dom Juan, Guillaume Apollinaire
Extraits des États généraux de 1789
Surveiller et punir (« Corps dociles » et « L’ éclat du supplice »), Michel Foucault
Duration : 30 mn

With this theatrical performance, Rémy Yadan and his performers transform the Place Choiseul into a people's court. The notion of citizenship is indeed at the heart of the play, performed during the European Night of Museums and its public access to heritage, on a square where royal taxation is over, and where we hear texts extracted from the "States General" of 1789.


Rémy Yadan is a visual artist and director whose career is marked by his beginnings as an actor and his studies at the Fine Arts School of Cergy. He always works as close as possible to the skin and tries to identify the meanders of the human being. In his performative creations as well as in his filmography, the body is frenetic, sometimes suave and transgressed.


From the sensual to the political, it is indeed a crossing of the affect, of the bodily and emotional fragility. By knowing how to touch in the right places, seizing the sensitive fibres, he is constantly searching for and experimenting with sensuality, even in the face of adversity. "Beyond the elegiac and distressed content of my work as a whole, there is, on the one hand, a spectacular explosive capital (the mise en scène) and on the other, a languid visual approach (the video). The link is there, in this balance of power.


Marianne Derrien (Mouvement Magazine)


Music : George Guetary, Planningtorock


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