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With :


Fabrice Hasovic

Francesco Masi

Nelle Faure

Camille Forgerit,

Sylvie Subra

Rémy Yadan

Béatrice Luisi

Imane El Idrissi

Agathe Listra

Rémy Yadan was invited in 2013 to create the 120-minute performance Heureux l'homme que dieu corrige at the Romanian Academy in Rome. Courtesans and priests are staged in the ancient arenas of the institute's luxurious garden.


"Happy is the man whom God corrects. Do not reject the instruction of the Almighty! For he inflicts the wound, but he heals it. He strikes, but it is his hand that heals. Six times he will deliver you from distress, and seven times the evil will not reach you. He will save you from death in famine and from the sword in war. You shall be safe from the assaults of the tongue, you shall not be afraid when the devastation comes. You shall laugh at the devastation as well as at the famine, and you shall not fear the animals, for you shall have a covenant with the stones of the field and the wild beasts shall be at peace with you."


Extract of The book of Job


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