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With :


Sabine Revault d’Allonnes

Margaux Toqué

Pierre-François Doireau

Alexandre Dumont

Maxine Toqué

Dylan Leemans

Djélali Hammouche

Fabrice Hasovic

Laurent Lelay

Sébastien Peyrucq

Jason Bario

Manuel Vallade

Gladys Mendy Goubiaby

Cécilia Yadan


Text : Livret La Traviata

Duration : 60 mn

Freely inspired by G. Verdi's La Traviata, Ce qu'il reste de la nuit is a creation of the artist and director Rémy Yadan. In a choreographic performance, he rethinks this popular opera by delivering a version full of disobedience, poetry and vulnerability.


The story of a courtesan, Violetta, full of joy and freedom who falls in love with Alfredo but their happiness is obviously impossible. What is left of our loves? Let the ghosts of a vain score slip away like the reminiscences of a waking dream, haunted by distant memories. Loves, illnesses, dishonours, remorse, desolations, lies, betrayals, so many creative sources engaged in improvisations to make a lost existence reason. From melody to drama, from audacity to reserve, a whole world goes astray while singing with its heart wide open. R.Y


Music : La Traviata de G.Verdi

Photography : Salim Santa Lucia

Video images : Mélio Lannuzel



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