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With :


Margaux Toqué

Alexandre Dumont

Maxine Toqué

Djélali Hammouche

Fabrice Hasovic

Laurent Lelay

Sébastien Peyrucq

Sylvie Subra

Cécilia Yadan


Duration : 120 mn

À trois heures à droite is a choreographic performance for ten performers that takes over all the exhibition rooms of the BAL to propose crossings with the work of Clément Cogitore. The visitor is free to wander between the performers in the exhibition, following the ebb and flow of musical waves.



"Our two artistic approaches have always been poetically linked. Clément's invitation to perform in his exhibition highlights this subtle meeting point. At this precise moment of the performance, we both become true partners in the game". R.Y


Music : Passion selon St Matthieu, J-S Bach

Photography : Salim Santa Lucia


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