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With :

Emmanuelle Roussel 
Bénédicte Cerutti
Constantin Jopeck
Francesco Martino
Sébastien Peyrucq
Judith Morand
Sylvie Subra
Djélali Hammouche
Tony Allotta
Anna Redi
Fabrice Hasovic
Florian Sicard
Agathe Listra
Rémy Yadan
Diane Regneault
Alessio Quaresima
Francesco Masi
Imane El Irissi
Giulia Valori
Nelle Faure


Duration : 20 mn

Héraclès is a creation by Rémy Yadan presented as part of the inauguration of the new French Institute in Italy, in the Salon d'Hercule at the Palazzo Farnese, headquarters of the French Embassy in Rome.


"This plastic and theatrical staging unfolds around the Herculean myth, in relation to the architectural and historical strength of the place. Apparitions glide by in luminous and musical escapes. From momentary petrification to magnified life, a sculpted splendour becomes the torment of duality, the choreography becomes bravery on the voice of a docked baritone. R.Y


The Farnese Palace is a high Renaissance palace in Rome.

Since 1874 it has been the seat of the French Embassy in Italy and since 1875 also the seat of the French School in Rome.



Music : Franz Schubert, John Zorn


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