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Du sang au coeur is a video that highlights the intimacy of a peasant couple: here, the killing and butchering of a rabbit, the target of sharp exchanges. A last sacrifice, in the urgency of the obscured memory. Laughter ignores the cruelty of the butchery. Authority is imperious in the agony.


The bloody gesture is also the confused gesture of the butcher-executioner whose gaze seems lost, cornered in gentleness. Like the gods of Greek mythology caught up in the laws and feelings of men, in this French countryside with its age-old traditions, they cut up the animal, carry out the ritual, sublimate a little of their legend, in the horror of the coming catabasis; the river flows beneath, oblivious, the meander of a sick love.


The knife no longer cuts, but death is there, sounding the curse, sounding like a reproach to the one of the two who will leave. A folded life, a liberated time and a poetic old age take hold of the images. R.Y


Thanks to Guillaume Clausse and family Clausse

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