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Bénédicte Cerutti

Jacqueline Cornille

Marie Gattino

Judith Morand

Nathalie Perry

Sébastien Peyrucq

Célia Plaux

Diane Regneault

Annie Villata


Texs : Virginie Luc, Rémy Yadan

Photos : Guillaume Clausse

Tout va le mieux qu'il soit possible is a creation for 10 performers, professional and amateur actors met in the theatre workshops of the psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence. The former stable of the Point de bascule favours the delights of a rudimentary piece that is written on the spot with a human, physical, spatial, gestural, textual and musical vibration.


A kingdom of stone lets a bit of suspension slip away... An entrenched territory where reality stumbles between baroque campaign and idle reign, cynical affront and damned waltz, slips from wandering grace to reverence, from embarrassment to liberation, from bliss to daydreaming... And what if these powers left behind were to sparkle? The theatrical research is no less sensitive, complicit and frustrated. A group of performers come to terms with the obvious and settle here, in all simplicity. R.Y



Thanks to: Guillaume Clausse, François Pecqueur, Marianne Derrien, Yann Loric, Elsa Lewin, Charles Mesnier, Hubert Colas, François Barré, Palmina d’Ascoli, Patrick Raynaud, Catherine Strasser, Matthieu Bonfils, Virginie Luc


Music : Barbara, Vitalic, LCD Sound System, Zarah Leander ...





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