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Juliette Grange

Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas

Diane Regneault

Sébastien Peyrucq

Jessica Buresi

Sylvie Subra

Cécilia Yadan 

Fabrice Hasovic

Thill Mantero

Djelali Hammouche 

Christophe Chêne

Sandy Michel

Judith Morand


Texts : Rémy Yadan

Duration : 70 mn

Huitième de soupir is a creation with the participation of 14 actors, singers and musicians. This show, on the precipice of doubt, explores the vigorous authority of musical representation. Desires of disinhibition, reappropriation of know-how, notable virtuosity, diversion of consensual values...


A whole interpretative matter in the power of the place, at the height of the beautiful, the just, the smooth, the bankruptcy and the bluff. The scenes develop broad musical fibres, in the immediate and the deferred, the disavowed and the assumed, the voluptuous and the upset. The human impasses, the heavy incompatibilities, the inability to live together in this transversal balance of well-being.


The plastic and spatial treatment keeps the perfect adequacy of the auditorium of the Cité Internationale des Arts (reception and presentation site) mainly reserved for prestigious musical performances. R.Y


Music : Sébastien Tellier, Ladytron, The Rapture, Gilbert Bécaud, Marcel Dupré

Thanks toMarianne Derrien et Philippe Castetbon


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