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Avec :


Bénédicte Cerutti

Cyril Texier

Adrien Cauchetier

Sylvette Loisy

Jessica Buresi

Sylvie Subra

Diane Regneault

Hélène Leroux

Nelle Faure

Cécilia Yadan

Fabrice Hasovic

Thill Mantero

Sébastien Peyrucq

Vivien Simon

Olivier Vaillant

Jean-Christophe Laurier 

Carolyn Davey

Geoffroy Rondeau

Rémy Yadan

Texte : Suréna, P.Corneille

Durée : 70 mn

This production is freely inspired by Suréna by Pierre Corneille.

A formal experience for 20 performers.


You see those I suffer, learn those I fear.
It is enough, O heaven! Let the supreme power
Deliver me into other arms to the eyes of what I love:
Do not condemn me to this new trouble
To see all that I love in another's arms.

Ah, you redouble too much, by this charming speech,
My hatred for the prince and my fire for the lover;
Let's end it, madam; in this extreme misfortune,
The more I hate, the more I suffer, and suffer as much as I love.

I made you pray not to see me again,
Lord: your presence astonishes my duty;
And that which was my heart's delight,
Can no longer offer me but new torments.
Do you dare to ignore it? And when I see you,
If I must suffer too much, do you suffer less than I?

Shall we suffer less to sigh together?
Go, be content to have seen that I tremble;
And at least for pity of a doubtful triumph,
Do not hazard me any more with shameful sighs.

I know what your sight will cost my heart;
But he who seeks to die must seek that which kills.
Madam, the hour approaches, and tomorrow your faith
Makes it your eternal law to forget me:
I have only this day, only this moment of life.
Forgive the love that sacrifices it to you,
And suffer a sigh to exhale at your knees,
For my last joy, a soul all yours.


Musiques : Brian Eno, Fabienne Audéoud, Franz Schubert



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