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The sea, a sponge dripping with dreams... In Heure sidérale, topographie littorale, a whole earthly and celestial liturgy is at work. A precipitate of desire and sensuality of the seashore is subtly diluted in the strange. Between heaven and earth, the borders are dissolved in this "vigorous framework" of maritime landscapes. An incessant dreamlike drift sets off the whole poetic expansion and vitalizes the reverie, voluptuously extending Julien Gracq's text Le beau ténébreux, deploying an incredible atopia where it is impossible to "delimit the infernal and paradisiacal regions". Two young men on the ground, on the sand, embrace each other, struggling in an incessant struggle and an incredible game of being between nudity and supplication (...).

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From these shapeless masses and falling bodies, unfathomable bodily chiasms emerge. Solaris filled with sensuality. Probing the depths of human existence is the nerve centre of this 'inner experience'. In this human cosmography, a whole spectrality of bodies is at play. Children's laughter and dreams dot this space beyond time. The distressed being is engulfed in this world of sand and rocks, while being influenced by the stars. In Rémy Yadan's video work, the being as a touch in the universe is constantly at the heart of his images, which get stuck in intimate swamps. In subtle mythological resonances, the desperate quest of this "journey to the end of man's possibility" celebrates this sidereal hour made of intimate precipices and inner shores. The sidereal hour is forcefully embodied in a "time made sensitive to the heart. The shadows shake and gather, giving rhythm to the weight of the bodies. One of these bodies rises and prostrates itself in majestic defiance of the Earth. It is a question of letting oneself be stunned and defying the void. 


By Marianne Derrien