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Arielle Dombasle (voix)

Christophe Chêne 

Pierre-François Doireau

Alexandre Dumont

Nelle Faure

Eat Gas (guitariste)

Henri Graetz (violoniste)

Djélali Hammouche

Fabrice Hasovic

Laurent Lelay

Sébastien Peyrucq

Thierry Shaffauser          

Sylvie Subra

Margaux Toqué

Annie Villata

Cécilia Yadan


Texts : Charles Aznavour, Rémy Yadan

Technique : Guillaume Callier

Duration : 60 mn

L'Atrabile is a creation by the artist Rémy Yadan designed specifically for the Musée National Picasso-Paris. This choreographic and theatrical performance takes over the basement rooms of the Hôtel Salé with a dozen performers. 


Based on a proposal by Marianne Derrien, guest curator for the Hors Les Murs programme of the YIA Art Fair #7.


"This performance focuses more on the melancholic character of existence, relating mainly to the blue period of Pablo Picasso's work. The research was based on the development of gestural and textual improvisations. "R.Y


Music : Arielle Dombasle, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel


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