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Documentary film by Rémy Yadan

Interview with Thierry Schaffauser and Rémy Yadan


The Doom Troubadour is a documentary film about the fight against AIDS. Through the testimony of Didier Lestrade (co-founder of Act Up-Paris in 1989), this film brings to light unique archives shot on super 8 film in the 2000s in Paris and historical footage of massive mobilisations in New York and San Francisco. This panoramic look at LGBT activism is punctuated by film and music sequences.

Didier Lestrade, who now lives as a quasi-hermit, looks back on the years of struggle, offering a sharp, sometimes grating, often cutting but always accurate look at more than thirty years of LGBT struggles. At a time when Robin Campillo's 120 Battements par minute is rehabilitating him in his role as leader, he also takes stock of a contrasted life, made up of deaths and rebirths, of flashes and discouragements, at the rhythm of his commitments and of techno music, his other great passion.


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