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With :


Constantin Jopeck

Francesco Martino 

Sébastien Peyrucq

Judith Morand

Sylvie Subra

Djélali Hammouche

Tony Allotta

Anna Redi

Fabrice Hasovic

Diane Regneault

Alessio Quaresima 

Francesco Masi

Imane El Idrissi

Giulia Valori

Nelle Faure

Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas

Cécilia Rychter

Camille Forgerit

Marie Gattino

Manech Chomel

Béatrice Luisi

Agathe Listra

Magic Malik


Texts : Livre de Job

Duration : 80 mn

On the occasion of the artistic direction of the PROMESSA Festival at the Teatro Valle Occupato, Rémy Yadan proposes a new creation, Nihil Obstat, presented with a team of 24 French and Italian actors met during his stay in Rome. This production is freely inspired by the Book of Job (didactic poem written in prose in the Old Testament). The improvisations are organised around dance, song, music and liturgical theatricality.


"My Italian location is particularly conducive to these endeavours, since Rome, the eternal city of the Catholic Empire and one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe, is at the very heart of my origins. On the set, I experiment with notions derived from religious power, censorship, guilt, sin, repentance, penitence or clemency. I also include in this adventure a group of young amateurs who bring flexibility, versatility, sagacity and disparity to this creative universe. 


Nihil Obstat takes in creative freedom the soft and supreme social hierarchies by mixing Italian, French and Hebrew in the stage work. These stage improvisations are, as always, an essential means of establishing a dramaturgical writing on obsessive virtues, hopes, admirations, devotions, bewitchments and fascinations...The literary power of the "job book" is strikingly contemporary." R.Y


Music : Edith Piaf, Sheila, Brian Eno, Umberto Tozzi


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